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The growth of the aluminium window frame market over traditional uPVC window solutions is been driven by design. Architects and homeowners alike love the sleek profiles and modern aesthetics offered by Aluminium frames combined with modern, highly efficient double and triple glazing solutions.

But just because a frame is aluminium it doesn’t mean it will meet the standards of thermal efficiency, security and stability expected.

Aluminium frames first made an appearance as a home improvement product in the 1970’s, but early designs proved inefficient and unpopular. Aluminium is a highly conductive material so it helps loose the heat in a property and pretty aesthetics are no substitute for practical economics when considering energy costs in the modern home or commercial premises.

Part L** standards recommend a minimum performance rating of u1.6L, but many standard aluminium solutions fall way below this requirement.

Warmcore Aluminium technology now offers a practical and affordable solution to home and business owners who want the clean, contemporary styling of Aluminium profiles with the practicality of highly energy efficient uPVC alternatives.

Warmcore units are available in a range of contemporary colour finishes and our slim aluminium profiles mean more square meters of glass are used in the finished job, providing greater natural light and better visibility to the outside making it the prefect solution for living spaces, conservatories and commercial spaces wanting to bring the outdoors in view, whilst maintaining a warm and comfortable space indoors. Your warmth and comfort are guaranteed, when your window and door frames meet the expected standards. All Cheadle Glass Warmcore windows are CE marked and exceed the Part L recommended performance standards with the double glazed window achieving u.1.3 and an incredible u0.8 for the triple glazed option. That makes Warmcore 25% more efficient and provide up to 75% better performance that standard Aluminium units

Warmcore frame design offers greater security and stability.

All window and door products supplied and fitted by Cheadle Glass are renowned for security performance, with multi steel bin locking systems as standard, with hinge guards and shoot-bolts protecting frame corners. But Warmcore’s unique construction design, built using a full width thermal core and high grade aluminium outer faces, also makes for long term stability with minimal movement via temperature change, ensuring a perfect fit for window and door openings for many maintenance free years to come.

Warmcore Windows and Doors include a ten-year insurance backed warranty when purchased and installed by Cheadle Glass

Professional installation ensures your investment in Warmcore technology offers a lasting return, with energy savings and guaranteed quality and performance for 10 years. Cheadle Glass have won the prestigious Customer Satisfaction award by a market leading profile producer for three years running including 2016, making us the most trusted installer in the North West of England.

Cheadle Glass Chairman and owner, Keith Flowers, received the trophy at the VEKA organisation’s AGM, in Stratford-upon-Avon in 2016.

“It’s fantastic to have won yet again,” said Keith after the ceremony, “It means so much to us because the votes come from our customer themselves and they are the people who really matter. We always do our best for every one of them so it is very rewarding to know they appreciate it and it is another way of reassuring our future customers of the quality they can expect from Cheadle Glass.”

Home Owners looking for Home Improvements, Builders, specifiers and Architects can find out more about Warmcore Window technology here or download the Cheadle Glass Warmcore windows brochure here.

Or you can call our Warmcore Windows experts on 0161 480 6644 to arrange a personal visit to your premises or a visit to our showroom to discuss your project.

**U-Values explained 

A U-Value is basically a measure of heat loss through a structural element. It is calculated on the rate at which heat transfers through 1 square metre of a structure and is stated in W/m2K. U-Values are used by the construction industry to compare the thermal performance of different materials and products.

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