Can you provide general advice on how to choose a window supplier or glazier?

Look out for accreditation, such as affiliations to know industry organisations that monitor and independently audit installations.

Is it true that using glass in my conservatory will turn it into a greenhouse?

Yes, if you use the wrong specification of glass that does not reflect solar gain.

Cheadle Glass Conservatory department can offer you sound advice to avoid such a problem.

Click here to link to our department and make your enquiry.

How can my windows help to reduce the noise level in my home?

By fitting acoustic glass or triple glazing.

For more information visit our windows department or visit the Glass & Glazing Federation for technical advice

Can I have a Toughened Mirror

Silvered Glass cannot be toughened, but it can be film backed to achieve a Class C safety rating

What are Window Energy Ratings?

Through our affiliation to Network Veka we can offer a comprehensive reply. Click Here for more details

I would like to have a quote over the phone

To avoid any misinterpretation of your requirements we would prefer you to email or fax the information to us.

However, if you do not have access to these facilities we will process an estimate within one working day.

I want to place an order over the phone

To avoid any misinterpretation of your requirements we would prefer you to email, fax, visit our showroom or trade counter to place your order.

This system has proven to be the best to avoid disappointment.

The glass in my wood burning stove has broken. Can you replace it

Unfortunately this is a very specialised glass type which we do not stock.

The name of the glass is ROBAX. links can be found on the internet.

What time can collect my glass from the trade counter

Our trade counter is open from 8.00am to 4.00pm Monday to Thursday and 8.00am to 3.30 on Friday.

No collection unless by prior arrangement on Saturday.

What time will my glass be delivered

Contact our trade counter +44(0161) 480 6644 to get an approximate delivery time. We allow 30 minutes either side of a delivery time to safeguard against traffic problems.

What tolerances do you work to

Discuss this detail with our staff when you are placing an order.

Where are you situated in Cheadle

We are actually situated in Stockport just off Junction 27 of the M60.

Visit our contact us page for more information

Do you install in the South of England including London

Yes we do install in the south dependant on the job specification.

Ask our team for more details

Do you have brochures to send out

All our brochures are available in our Help Centre . Click here to be transferred to the download centre.

Do you supply and install wooden window frames

Sorry we do not have a range of wooden window frames.

However, our R9 range is one of the best PVC-u alternatives available in the market.

Can you come out to my property and quote me for the work I require

Yes, but we prefer to discuss the details of your requirement prior to our visit

What is the maximum size of glass you can toughen

Our Tempering plant is restricted to 1700mm x 2900mm

How long does it take to manufacture a splashback

From the date of order it will take 10-15 working days to produce depending on the complexity of the glass shape.

Why does my glass have a green tinge

The green tinge is caused by iron, which is an impurity in the sand used to make the glass. In the glass, iron ions absorb red (infra red) light and blue (ultra violet)  light parts of the spectrum, making the glass look to have a green tinge due to the light that is not absorbed.

How long is my quote valid for

All quotes are only valid for 90 days. Quotes outside of the limit will re quoted and may increase due to market changes.

What colours are available for splashbacks

Click here to see our full range of colours.

What is the lead time for manufacturing

Please discuss this with our team before ordering. Lead times can vary from week to week depending on demand.

When can a surveyor attend site to measure

All our surveyors operate with an electronic diary to schedule visit dates for measure and this is usually fully booked for 5-7 working days with orders placed.

We endeavour to accommodate all our customers with the earliest possible dates available once an order has been placed.

Please discuss this detail with our team when you place your order. +44(0161) 480 6644

Can you tell me when my glass will be ready

We have a sophisticated computer system that can monitor and record order progress so we should be able to give you an answer.

However, it may be necessary to get more information from our manufacturing plant which could mean a return call or email to confirm.

Are you open Saturdays

Only our showroom is open from 10am-4.00pm every Saturday.

Unfortunately we have no collection facility available on Saturdays unless by prior arrangement.

Do you have a showroom

Yes we have a showroom.

However, if it not convenient for you to visit us you can take a virtual tour by Clicking Here to our About Us page.

Opening times:
Mon-Thurs: 8.30am-4.30pm
Fri: 8.30am-3.45pm
Sat: Showroom Only 10.00am-4.00pm
Sun: Closed.

What is the largest length of glass for a splashback

2800mm is the largest length we can produce for a splashback

Can I use mirrors as a splashback

Yes you can use mirrors but we do not recommend them to be installed behind a gas or electric hob.

Can you make a double glazed unit with an integral blind

We have a facility to provide this type of product.

Can I buy acoustic glass from you

Yes, although acoustic glass is not in our standard range we can accommodate your order.

Can I have balustrades without a handrail

Yes this is possible to have a balustrade using a toughened laminated glass.

However, there will be a line on the edge of the glass were two pieces of glass have been laminated together.

Do you deliver glass

Yes we do deliver glass as per our delivery schedule.

Please note that we only deliver to your door under the terms of our insurance cover.

Do you use Pilkington K Glass

No, we use a similar alternative soft coat glass in conjunction with warm edge spacer bar and argon gas to achieve a u-value of 1.1

How Many Locking points are there on your windows

We have nine locking points and can offer a “Secure by Design” which is approved by local Police authorities.

Do your Window Frames have steel inside

All our Veka Profile frames are steel reinforced and “A” rated for energy

How long has your company been trading

We have been continuously trading for nearly 50 years during which time we have built our reputation for quality and excellence.

Do you give free quotes

Yes, all our quotations are free with a no obligation clause. However, quotes are only valid for 90 days and may not be honoured beyond this date due to market changes.

Do you offer ``Insurance Backed Guarantees``

All our window, doors and conservatory installations are covered by Insurance Backed Guarantees as is the law. In addition, all our fitters are MTC (Minimum Technical Competence) trained and all carry CSCS cards as proof of their training.

We are affiliate members of “Network Veka” and all our work is subject to independent audit by their highly trained staff.

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