Composite Doors

The humble front door is often the first impression people get of your home. It should be secure; it should be energy efficient and it must be beautiful.

Sometimes overlooked in even the most complex home improvement schemes, where windows, patio doors and glass extensions are the star attraction, the humble front door is one of the most important features to consider in any refurbishment or new build.

First impressions count. Therefore, your front door is your first chance to amaze, but its function and performance is every bit as important as its beauty and appearance.

Doorways are a major contributor to heat loss and energy inefficiency in homes today. Poorly fitting doors and poorly performing building materials can make a huge difference to the warmth, comfort and overall security of your property.

Choosing the right door that is fit for purpose and matches style and design aspirations is therefore worth researching and investing time in before purchase.

What is most important to consider when choosing your front door – colour, style, material, maintenance, security or price?

Cheadle Glass have worked in home improvements since 1968, providing glazing solutions across the UK. Interior and exterior glazed doors have become a popular and integral part of our service.

In recent years, the technology and construction materials used in the provision of exterior doors has hugely improved. Solid or Foam Core doors with high quality grain patterned and coloured uPVC or GRP skins are low maintenance and the high performance security systems now available ensure our doors are included in our 10-year insurance backed warranty program when installed by Cheadle Glass

The stability and durability of solid timber core construction doors are proving them to be amongst the most popular. Whilst it may not always feel it, the UK gets a fair amount of sunshine hours and a south facing threshold will need to consider the effects of varying temperatures and exposure to direct sunlight, which can effect lower specified doors, resulting in warping and surface cracks.

Choose your door wisely 7 out of 10 Composite door brands are not PAS24 Certified*

73% of burglaries between the years 2011/2012 were as a result of the intruder gaining access through the door.
Source: Office for National Statistics

The Solidor® range from Cheadle Glass offers highly competitive composite doors, in a wide range of 20 colours, all featuring PAS24 certified security locks, low wheelchair friendly thresholds and excellent thermal efficiency.

Solidor® from Cheadle Glass are installed using Utilon Locks (Secured by Design) – with £1000 manufacturer backed guarantee against forced entry where the Utilon lock is broken.

Professionally install for best thermal performance and security assurance

Professional installation ensures your investment offers a lasting return, with energy savings and guaranteed quality and performance for 10 years. Cheadle Glass have won the prestigious Veka Customer Satisfaction award for three years running including 2016, making us the most trusted installer in the North West of England.

Cheadle Glass Owners, Keith and Pat Flowers, received the trophy at the VEKA organisation’s AGM, in Stratford-upon-Avon in 2016.

“It’s fantastic to have won yet again,” said Keith after the ceremony, “It means so much to us because the votes come from our customer themselves and they are who really matter. We always do our best for every one of them, so it’s very rewarding to know they appreciate it and it is another way of reassuring our future customers of the quality they can expect from Cheadle Glass.”

A professionally installed and ‘Secured by Design’ rated composite door from Cheadle Glass is an asset to any home or commercial premises.

*PAS 24 Standards explained

PAS 24: 2007+ A2: 2011

Enhanced security performance requirements for door assemblies (including all material relevant annexes).

Part 1 single leaf, external door assemblies. An attack test standard for door sets which certifies that a particular door, frame, lock and hardware set has withstood a series of physical tests based on common methods of burglary. This is the minimum police requirement for Secured by Design dwellings.

PAS 24: 2012

Enhanced security performance requirements for doorsets and windows in the UK. External doorsets and windows intended to offer a level of security suitable for dwellings and other buildings exposed to comparable risk.

This PAS supersedes the PAS 24:2007+A2:2011 with effect from 31st August 2012 and provides a method for testing and assessing the enhanced security performance requirements of external doorsets and windows providing an easier specification requirement for developments. This PAS covers doorsets and windows of all material types. Products are still required to meet the material specific requirements as detailed by the product standards for doorsets and windows.

Introducing Cheadle Glass

Cheadle Glass was established in 1968 and are now one of the UK’s leading manufacturer and installers of composite doors. Based in South Manchester, services include; design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of a wide range of windows, doors, conservatories and glass extensions and a huge range of trade glass processing services including; toughening, laminating, bevelling, engraving, mirrors, balustrades and glass partitions.