People in Glass Offices shouldn’t…pay too much

The beauty of glass in the workplace

Aesthetics in the workplace have come a long way in recent years, and the demand for better natural light, open plan working and collaborative, highly productive work places have seen a significant increase in the specification, design and installation of frameless glass partitions.
Glass partitions have become affordable and practical as leaner manufacturing processes, bespoke glass cutting and modern structural glass hardware is more accessible to the architects and specifiers who are shaping these modern workspaces.

Frameless glass partitions are typically single glazed with toughened panes in 10mm or 12 mm glass. Manufactured in up to 4 metre lengths and bespoke cut to fit almost any configuration, glass offers infinite design opportunities with the option to laminate, add colour, sandblast and even add custom artwork designs to the finished product.

Frameless glass can be specified to meet stringent fire regulations and improved acoustic rating where required and offers excellent thermal performance, maintaining comfortable working conditions and a clean, bright environment.

Introducing Cheadle Glass

Cheadle Glass was established in 1968 and are now one of the UK’s leading manufacturer and installers of frameless glass partitions. Recent six-figure investment in high-tech processing equipment is set to improve quality and productivity even further. The new Cooltemper Toughening plant allows Cheadle Glass to pass on competitive pricing and shorter deliver times.

Cheadle Glass has worked with many of Britain’s leading architects, with prestigious installations in London, Manchester and across the UK. We are keen to work as an extension to your own design teams, providing expertise and advice during the specification and tendering process.

Glass is a fantastic material to work with, but the cutting, construction, safety and performance of it, can vary with every project.

It’s not just the performance and safety aspects of the finished design that must be considered. Access to sites, when moving large single piece frameless glass sections must be considered along with incumbent fire regulations, operational privacy demands for visibility and acoustics, and inevitably – budget.

With hundreds of installations already completed, Cheadle Glass offer guaranteed customer satisfaction, with minimum disruption during installation, quick, efficient logistics and build times and long term warranty and support.